ChaunceyDoodles's game! (4baeae33)

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I will feed your bones to my alien fish friends!

I will seduce your alien fish friends and turn them against you.

I’ll grill some steaks and have you all over, with a nice pitcher of cold iced tea ready!

Am I doing this right?

I will seduce your ice tea and turn it against your steaks.

This game has been reset by the admin.

I will reassure you there is plenty of iced tea for everyone, and there is no need to seduce it all.
And I will hold up a large jar of it and proclaim, “I call it ‘Sun Tea’!” and numb you with additional anodyne statements. Then, when you are in the throes of potato salad induced stupor, I will recapture the steaks, except for one which I will overcook on the grill, mixing it with the others so that you cannot tell which one it is.

And then I’ll laugh.

JohnCiv here, just wanted to say welcome to the planet! Excited to trade with each of you, and support your dreams! :two_hearts:

Watch out fellas, my explorer just moved a couple of hexes closer to my absolute domination of the galaxy.

y’all better check yourselves before you feck yourselves.

really glad for the budding diplomatic ties friends. And for those of you we haven’t connected with yet, we are so excited!

Waitaminute… john is violating the code of silence on the diplomatic network. I didn’t even see where he was invited into it.


Hey, I finally met someone! Sorry I didn’t have enough diplomatic points to buy anything off of you, Russ.

Hey it was good for me, too.
And I didn’t even know there were diplomatic points. I’m really winging it here.

Okay about to hit the road so won’t be able to play my turn if it comes up for maybe 24-36hrs.

Wumpus left . Miss them. Miss YOU.

I just found the Statue of Liberty sticking out of the sand…

They really could use some more upbeat music for this game. So ominous. Come on, guys! It’s a whole new world! Let’s be optimistic about this!

I miss mother Earth so much !! Help !!!