But did you drown in war? (ad00ebfa)

Smack talk goes here for But did you drown in war?! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/ad00ebfa-10f9-47e7-93db-71f6c698a4c1

The game has started. Here are the specs:

Speed: Standard
Map: Archipelago
Map size: Large
Resources: Truly abundant (mod required)
Monopolies and corporations mode
Sukritact’s Oceans (mod required)
Everything else is standard.

Mods required:
Better Resource Yields: Steam Workshop::Better Resource Yields
Harvest All Resources: Steam Workshop::Harvest All Resources
More Maritime Seaside Sectors: Steam Workshop::More Maritime: Seaside Sectors
Sukritacti’s Oceans: Steam Workshop::Sukritact's Oceans
Truly Abundant Resources: Steam Workshop::Truly Abundant Resources

Shall we adopt the no unaccompanied great people as scouts approach ?

I would vote no. But if the majority wants to I’m fine with that.

I am ok either way.

Umm, are we at compulsory war with all civs in this one ?

I thought so

Yes, must declare war on all major civs and never go to peace.

I propose to end this Game, since there is no longer any intrigue in it: after a couple of moves Japan will lose its last city, and then 5 Georgian Frigates, along with Musketeers and Knights, will be sent to the shores of Korea. I think that neither Korea, let alone the Netherlands, will be able to resist …

I would love to start a new one, and I want to propose the following idea for her:

  1. In a new party, at its beginning, the condition “always war” is valid only for me. Others can enter into wars or alliances, as well as trade based on their own benefits. Both among themselves and with computer opponents. I think we need to start with me, as the one with the largest number of victories in our private games …
  1. In the event of my weakening (moving to the last place in points), everyone concludes peace with me (except for the Player who is in the first place in terms of points), and immediately declares war on the Leader (in case of impossibility of an immediate war due to the mechanics of the game, they cut off as much as possible military and economic interaction and declare war at the earliest opportunity). The war goes on until the Leader is again moved to the last place in terms of points. And so on until there are two Players left. In this case, the war continues “all against all”, including computer players (if they still remain in the game).

All other Game settings are left to Geoffgreene511 (hopefully he will take the trouble to create the world of the new game).

ok by me

I will surrender. I thought I was doing good until I met Aleks and saw how far ahead he was. He must have had a great start, but he is also very good player. I will start new game with the conditions yet mentioned above. Password is “password”.

I will create the game but probably won’t be able to start until this weekend.

By the way, this game once again showed how much the presence of computer players introduces an element of randomness: when I approached Suleiman, for some reason he moved the unprotected Settler in my direction, right at my Scout. Than he helped me a lot both in resettlement (he gave me an extra city) and in my own destruction (a caravan from a new city in Tbilisi paved a road across rough terrain for reinforcements)…

I was wondering how you got so far ahead so quickly. I thought I was doing good spreading my cities fast, until I met you…