Bungle2 (e35ffe28)

Smack talk goes here for Bungle2! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/e35ffe28-0b08-48c8-8ee8-dde533aafe63

I just noticed Babylon is in the game. Hope they don’t get too many eurekas.

Crap, I ignored them when we didn’t have eurekas.

Well, we just started. We can restart or just have to gang up on Babylon at some point.

By the way, the one change I also made was to increase separation to 16. So that does not work well.

“other” change

I’m fine playing on. We were worried about them in Bungled up but it didn’t matter in the end.

Talking Heads, where are you?

Only turn27, and some unmet ai has built a dead-end road to nowhere

Ancient road system. It is an option. Still should lead to something.

We are just past 100 turns. 106 maybe. Where do you want to go from here?

According to the game details we go to war on turn 120. We are currently on turn 106 (game shows round 397). If we go to war on turn 120 then the game will show 410. That’s when we go to war.

I think the plan (in the last start) was to get around here and check if that is good. Just checking.

Ahh, gotcha. I’m good if we stick with turn 120. I’m not prepared for it, but I hope to be soon.

Everybody still good with turn 120 or should we push it back?

I have a neighbor who won’t stay off my lawn so growth has not been as great as it might be. I can do it but waiting a bit more wouldn’t bother me.

Ok, so we are on turn 397/750. According to the game setup we should all go to war on turn 410/750. The question is do we continue with that turn or do we extend it out. And if we do push it out, where is the new turn to declare war? Maybe 450/750? There is still a lot of land left to claim so I’m fine pushing it out, but I’m also fine keeping it at turn 410/750. Looks like Dan is fine either way. So the question is does Ozy have a preference? If Ozy doesn’t have a preference then I say we leave it up to Dan since he is the game creator.


Okay, game on. 410.

In a week I will be testing the internet in Montana. Might be interesting.

Ok, turn 410 we go to war. Guess I need to start building military.

Guys, I propose we end this game. It is a foregone conclusion and the game has become very tedious. I have to move about 70 units each turn. Hungary is just a very powerful civilization with this many city-states and the government building that allows one to levy units for free. Most of my units are levied units. Agree to end it?

I also propose Dan sets up the next game soon.

Yea, this neighborhood sucks! You flipped all those CS it was impossible to match. Good game.