Bo3 Tryharders, Lakes, BBG, BBS, SS, M&C, Mods, FFA (rules) (86795dc1)

Smack talk goes here for Bo3 Tryharders, Lakes, BBG, BBS, SS, M&C, Mods, FFA (rules)! Game URL:

I’ll ban Mvemba a Nzinga from Kongo

Guess who?? Canada :grinning:


Ban Kanuni Suleiman

No bans

No ban

And in this game I ban Japan instead of Canada…better chance of you getting them now @PerroFlamer!

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Here we have the draft for this game, please post your pick, we will begin as soon as MadSmacks comes back from his vacations. I’m supposing that MadSmacks was going to say: No Ban as he always says that :grinning:

:ByzantiumBasilII: Byzantium
:SumeriaGilgamesh: Sumeria
:SwedenKristina: Sweden
:ChinaWuZetian: Wu-Zetian
:ChinaKublaiKhan: Kublai-China
:PolandJadwiga: Poland
:ArabiaSaladinSultan: Saladin-Sultan
:SpainPhilipII: Spain
:ElizabethI: ElizabethI
:HaraldHardradaVarangian: Harald-Varangian
:VictoriaAgeofSteam: Victoria age of steam
:ZuluShaka: Zulu
:IndonesiaGitarja: Indonesia
:ChinaQinUnifier: Qin-Unifier
:RussiaPeter: Russia
:OttomanSuleimanMuhtesem: Suleiman-Muhtesem
:IndiaGandhi: Gandhi
:GreecePericles: Pericles
:ArabiaSaladinVizier: Saladin-Vizier
:VietnamBaTrieu: Vietnam
:GaulAmbiorix: Gaul
:GreeceGorgo: Gorgo
:MaliMansaMusa: Mali
:DutchWilhelmina: Netherlands
:FranceCatherineMagnificence: Catherine-Magnificence
:RomeJuliusCaesar: Julius-Caesar
:ScythiaTomyris: Scythia
:MaliSundiataKeita: Sundiata-Keita
:AztecMontezuma: Aztec
:EnglandEleanorofAquitaine: Eleanor-En
:MayaLadySixSky: Maya
:RomeTrajan: Rome

Here my choice is Rome.

:VictoriaAgeofSteam: Victoria age of steam

Ba Trieu of Vietnam for me.

I’ll pick Kristina from Sweden



Kublai Khan (China)

@Valamas due to this:

  • No duplicate Civs or Leaders. Once a player picks a leader or a nation no one else can duplicate it. Game is set to random civ but don’t panic, before the game starts you are gonna be able to select your civ from a draft.

Can you help us picking another leader, as @Aleks08II was first to pick a leader from Rome.
Thanks in advance bro.

Monte Aztecs

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Nice to see u r back @Mad_SMAKs
As soon as u call your pick we are ready to go.

:GaulAmbiorix: Gaul