Bo3 1st Half 2023, Archipelago, No AI's, BBG, BBS, StdSpd, FFA (rules) (9de0b4b0)

try the static version

Same issue with static version. Restarted Civ with the correct mods enabled each time, but still won’t let me load the game file and BBG 5.1.8 is still highlighted in red.

did you install static 5.1?

5.1.8 yes

I usually disable all mods and let the game enable the correct versions when it loads the game.

I have been told to that u should use the static version that u can get on this link Discord

Pls let me know if u could solve the problem.

Here’s what I’m seeing. @PerroFlamer I don’t know how to get access to the channel that the link you sent goes to.

I see the same thing when I enable only the non-static version after restarting Civ.


@chaldean33 I know it says 5.1 but u need bbg 5.3 static

@Calcifer @kapshul Thank you both! Calcifer’s info and kapshul’s download solved the issue.


Any luck with finding a sub for me? I was replaced in one of the games already I think.

Yes, pls dont make a move, I’m requesting the admins to apply the sub.

Hi, any progress?