Beyond Earth setup

Ability to choose colonists, cargo, spaceship loadout is missing for Beyond Earth games. Normally it is done either in lobby, or in pre-game setup for single player, so naturally it would need to be a menu parallel to the sponsor selection.

I would also like it if there were an option to conceal these choices between the players.

Just randomize for me

Scienidez, this is what the request is for. The ability to choose a loadout does not exist in this version of PYDT. You will always get Hydroponics, Tectonic Scanner, Engineers.

I was asked to make request by the site owner, but maybe a thread bump is needed to remind him again.

I’m sorry if I was unclear, I don’t think I’m going to get to this request in the immediate future, it’ll take a significant bit of work to set up the UI for this. I’d suggest taking care of this in the smack talk threads for now, or just doing random as suggested by @Scienidez.