Better player matching. Ranking, friends, groups

Through a discussion on discord I have mentioned you on (no need to read).
There was mention of an exploit to save up production and build a wonder in one turn.
Advanced play techniques. Save up builders in all city with one turn. Switch policies, finish building.
My reaction is I don’t want to play games in advanced micromanagement ways.
I also said, PBC must be hell.

So led to this.,
We talked about a ranking system, then a group, friend and favourite system.

Ranking System
This is a game rank entry system. Normally for games without a password.
In your profile, you elect your own rank.
Settler through to deity. Mine would be emperor.

Game filter -

  • allow all players.
  • Those of your rank, above and below.

Settler would be promoted as casual players and only play settlers.

Favourites, friends, and groups (something easier than groups)
The aim is to create games with the ability to select friends (or favourites) or groups to be allowed to join. So this system is a password enhancement / invitational / openish-invitational.

Favourite players you have played (or cross out too).

In your profile, notification options for new games that you fit the filter with. Present the game on the games list with either ranking or invitational or open. Unlocked padlock.