Beta (2fa8475f)

Smack talk goes here for Beta ! Game URL:

Thanks for joining. Good luck.

Sorry I’ve been mia. Computer has been a jerk and I haven’t had time to fix it. I’ll play my turn tonight.

I am on holiday from Monday, returning Sunday 5th.

Only just noticed how thinned out this is getting…
I must be in a very quiet part of the world.

People don’t like me for some reason.

OK. Give me time :slight_smile:

Welcome to the somnambulent east.

If it’s OK with you guys I’m going to surrender, at this point I don’t think I’m putting up any more of a fight than the AI would and I’m just holding up the game in turn time. I need to focus more on military going forward. :slight_smile:

Thanks for playing. That’s fine by me, but then I am in a similar situation.
Only just found the second tribe in distance from me, and unleashed my first ever Keshigs, but far too late.

No worries. I agree, your military is almost gone. Although, the game could have gone much differently there for a while. You outmaneuvered me during that first declaration of emergency. I thought I was safe and quit building military to focus on infrastructure, then you suddenly pop up with a bunch of horseman. My guess is you built all those horsemen to 1 turn left, then switched to something else, then built all of them during one turn. Or something like that. That caught me completely off guard and I had to spend all my gold rushing units. Was very close. If Ozy would have attacked me on my eastern front there is no way I could have stopped him. He would have steam rolled over me. Glad my walls and 1 crossbowman were enough of a deterrent.

See you in the next game! Or in the other games we are currently playing.