BestThree (908cfc40)

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France vs Khmer… this is going to be different. Good balance though, I think.

This will definitely be interesting. Snow and tundra to my south. Dry plains to my north. At least I have 3 sheep and 1 amber in my city. Slow growth for certain until aqueducts.

If you really don’t like your start, we can do a new game. I like my position, but I just discovered Scythia way too close by so that could be trouble. Maybe enough trouble to balance your slow start. :slight_smile:

Let’s keep going. I hate starting over because of bad starts. If it was unplayable I would ask for a re-start, but like I mentioned, there are 3 sheep and 1 amber in the city. Unfortunately 2 sheep are on tundra :confused:

Good luck with Scythia. She never gave me trouble.

I had to revert the turn. The game got stuck with the ! in the bottom right corner saying “unit needs orders”. But when I click it, nothing happens. I have replayed my turn several times now and it’s bugged. I restarted Civ VI and tried again several times, and it’s still bugged. Hopefully reverting the turn fixes it.

I’m still getting the same error. I will submit a bug report.

Well, that’s too bad! Should we just start a new game? You never really got a fair start in this one… Your turn if so. :slight_smile:

Ya, I started a new game. Really should have quit this one when we started, but I hate quitting games.

password is “rematch”