BattleFriends (2ccb89e8)

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Hello! Will you take me to the game? I play well, I walk fast. Alex can give me a recommendation.

Rishart - This was a game just between us. Our last game we couldn’t play together due to real life issues so this one makes up for it. But I’m starting another game you can join. I want to try out the new civ.

The game has started. Good luck to everyone. Also I selected heroes and legends mode so go get that hero.

I started another game. This one will be an island map with Corporations enabled. I want to try out Portugal. This is not an always war game. If somebody doesn’t want to join let me know and I will find another player.

Game is located here.

Password is “water”

Rishart: need the Detailed Worlds mod 2.12 mod.

@Aleks08II did you want to join the next game? Link and password in the comments above.

Sorry, I will refrain for now - I have enough Games now.

It starts…long time no see… :skull_and_crossbones:

It actually started on turn 7 for me. Glad to see others are getting some!

Whoops. Thanks for the reminder…
Just declared on 3 civs i met some time earlier.

This game is crazy. There are 4 humans and 6 civs and what is the probability that all the humans will know each other so early? I guess close to 100%.

I didn’t think i knew everyone else yet…

Well, we are all very close to each other. Keep scouting.

It seems to me that this party has lost its intrigue - the economic and military power of the Kree guarantees their victory. If no one is against it, then I suggest ending this game and thinking about a new one …

As I had not noticed this, I guess this is enough to explain why it is rarely me sending that kind of message.

Congratulations, for my part.

I agree, the outcome is inevitable. Wish I could get a look at your lands and starting position to see how you got so big and strong so fast. I was wedged between water, city-states, and Germany. Then met the other two humans right away. I had almost no room to expand so pretty much stagnated.

I’m very busy at work the next 2 weeks so don’t have time to start a new game. If somebody else wants to start one I will join. Or wait 2 weeks and I will start a new one.

I was lucky with the starting location: although there is not enough food, there is a lot of production and a lot of space. Hercules’ early progress also greatly aided the progress: the fast Regions accelerated development. The human players are far away, which contributed to a seamless development. Unfortunately, access to the computer player was only across the sea, otherwise everything would have been even faster … If Germany passes the move, I will try to post screenshots of my territory.
Thank you all for playing!

GG - I did not know it was over but had no illusions about where it was headed.

I am in no hurry for a replacement.

I post screenshots.