Back to basics (b576d95a)

Smack talk goes here for Back to basics! Game URL:

Game has started. I added 2 more things under DB’s gold mod. The first is upgraded scouts, so you will see your scout has better upgrades than the regular scout. The second is no bad goody huts, so you will only get good things from goody huts. Unfortunately the upgraded scout doesn’t benefit me because the random Gods gave me Cree.

Repeating crashes on save game at end of turn…
So I reverted…

Welp, that’s not good. Hope it isn’t one of the mods.

It plays, DB’s gold may be causing some issues. I hope it is clear.

Looks like there was an update yesterday. Hopefully, that fixes things.

Nice timing…

Did I? Oh darn :smiley: I thought you had plenty of time to mop that up.

You guys are a couple of warmongers. Not nice.