Astalatasta's game! (89bed2dc)

Smack talk goes here for astalatasta’s game!! Game URL:

Welcome! Ask me any questions or better still, goto the discord channel -

@astalatasta your game is ready to start

And we are off, Goodluck all!

This game stalled?

I assumed host took a vacation. They are a new PYDT player so maybe they didn’t consider giving us a heads up. Game is clearly stalled lol. Hopefully host will show back up in the next few days!

That moment when one of your quickest moving games flatlines; and its the host. rip.

i think you scared them off with your early wars and aggression :wink:
is it possible to substitute a host? otherwise yea rip.

I noticed Egypt had a single city still, and then I had enough religion to buyout 2 galleys. Made sense to go snatch a capital, vOv. But yes, I think this game is rip’d. going to give it 48 more hours or so then surrender if we don’t have movement. Lots of game left to play here too if host returns.