Anyone up? (4a5330e3)

Smack talk goes here for Anyone up?! Game URL:

Yeah, I’m ! What settings/maps are you using?

nice that so many have joined already… just one more

I dont know yet…do you prefer anything?

I have a preference for quick or online speed just we get reasonable rate of development and balanced start resources to best ensure no-one gets RNG screwed off the bat (though balanced doesn’t guarantee everyone is even sadly). Aside from that any map, settings etc. that you like.

alright we’re rollin

Sorry guys, apparently I missed the call for my turn

hi … i have a short trip on this weekend … i come back on sunday. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ll be gone for two weeks… holidays!!

I am having surgery tomorrow, so I may be out for awhile but hopefully not too long.

I’m starting a Renaissance era start:

Please join!

finally war… good game… you win :slight_smile:

Agree! I can’t hold on my own either … way behind. Congrats @adyyc - gg!

It was a fun game! GG @LenP @g0mezg0mez ! Well played!

Note: I play regular games on civ 6 online League.

what’s the civ 6 online league?

@LenP Civ 6 online league can be found at: