Another FFA (69fd809f)

I had the same problem; I thought the file was corrupted, so I reverted my turn. I wasn’t able to play :frowning:

Can’t fix the problem, sorry. I will skip my turn.

Make this file is in your Mods folder, NOT in a subfolder of mods.

I already skipped my turn. I will try again next turn.

Not my turn. I had to revert

It still doesn’t work. I tried again with the mod in the folder and the static mod from Steam disabled, but it won’t start. I reverted the turn; I believe the only option is to revert until we restore the previous state of the save file.

I tried multiple times all the suggested solution, always the same error. If is not possible to revert to previous config I will surrender because I’m unable to play, sorry.

The save file now works. I had the same problem as you but I was able to successfully take my turn without having to make any additional changes. If you’re still unable to take turns, it might mean there is a different problem.

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Did something weird happen? I noticed I have units placed in different positions than where I left them the previous turn. Anyone else see this?

your last few turns were skipped. so either the turn timer expired, or did you go on holiday mode?

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Am I… being understandably thrown off by the next GEngineer costing 600 points? (For reference, Musicians cost 210 points even though they start at Industrial Era…).
Would a turn revert even help?

@CEO_of_Spearfighting maybe some World Congress Policy + BBG Shenigans. I cannot remember if the last vote was on Great People

I am down to one city, therefore I am surrendering. GGWP.

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This turn I am resurrecting a dead civ (Russia) by Liberating a city, which means it’ll be taken over by the AI. As far as I remember, this isn’t allowed by CPL rules, so if a few people significantly object against it, I’ll understand and you can revert the turn to me.

GG @CEO_of_Spearfighting. Well played, some very good numbers.

Thanks! My start was sorely lacking in Pastures to play Australia but it turned into the most blatantly overpowered Heroic Age in Medieval Era because of the high appeal coasts everywhere. By the time I knocked on India’s door I already had snowballed too much…

PYDT doesn’t notice when the game is won with a religious/culture victory so the turns will keep processing as usual. Thanks for sticking around to the end!

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