Andrewsmart48's Sukritact’s Oceans mod (9d18e85a)

Smack talk goes here for andrewsmart48’s Sukritact’s Oceans mod ! Game URL:

I can’t get the game to load with the MOD. Tried running it as only mod still doesn’t start with it. Anyone any ideas?

got it and we are off. It’s a game mode like secret societies and you need to enable it. GL everyone

Be aware, I had to download a lot more mods than advertised, entire Expanded Warfare Modset and entire Steel and Thunder Modset.

I’m not sure if creator intended these mods to be active or just left them on accidentally?

Either way I have been able to take my first turn. Dunno if it’s just coincidence but currently my oceans don’t look any different.

yeah not my intention. the oceans are different i am sure. do we want to restart?

Has anyone seen any evidence the mod has worked here? not at all sure it has

it looks just the same to me

I vote for restart with other mods disabled but I’ll keep taking my turns until we get community consensus

well, ignore previous comment. I just found lobsters!

lol. i will have a look and see if those other mnods are doing anything, and feed back on my next turn

yeah thos unintentional mods are adding all sorts of units to the game lets restart

everyone needs to surrender i guess and i will start a new one.