Andrewsmart48's Islands and shuffle. (f8f3eade)

Smack talk goes here for andrewsmart48’s Islands and shuffle. ! Game URL:

Where can I download the mod Realms:Beyond the Storm? Please provide a link.

i didn’t mean to include that. will provide the link and what it does. New CIV VI PBEM

here is what it does

The changes are:

  • You can place districts on any resource which will remove it and allow you to place the district. Settling on a resource doesn’t remove it. You can also harvest everything with a builder. Those resources improved by farms and pastures yield food, those by mines yield production, and those by plantations and camps yield gold.
  • The settler and appeal lens colours are slightly tweaked for better visibility
  • The great scientist Ibn Khaldun is fixed and the text updated to be more clear.
  • Nan Mandol grants only 1 culture per district.

Thank you!

Sorry for not knowing, but how do I get the mod? I’ve gone on the forum and downloaded the zip but what do I do with those files?!

Unzip it to Documents\My Games\Sid Meier’s Civilization VI\Mods

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thank you so much

In this game andrewsmart48 for the second game with my participation violates the rules of the club by declaring war without prior casus bell.
I consider it necessary to remind the organizer of many games about the club rules.
To make it more memorable, I leave both of his games in which I participate.
I apologize for this step from other players.