Andrewsmart48's game! pangea secret societies. (2bb360fb)

Smack talk goes here for andrewsmart48’s game! pangea secret societies. ! Game URL:

Where can I get the Mappa Mundi add on?

Never mind. I found it.

I keep getting an error message saying the save game is incompatible. i have reverted the turn

its still not working for me, but other games are, what game version are you running @andrewsmart48? I’m running 564030

yeah i am on same version.

mods ok?

everything moved?

If it doesn’t work for @Khiliani , then maybe try reverting back to me??

let’s try that

success! turn taken


GG, quite a science/cultural powerhouse.

rome are an expansion and hammers civ. which converts to anything in the end. a great beginners civ. i built nucler bombs to close out the game but saw culture was so close.

GG @andrewsmart48 got a very good snowball going!