Andrewsmart48's game! pangea new to you civs (14db0c75)

Smack talk goes here for andrewsmart48’s game! pangea new to you civs! Game URL:

Cheers guys will get this started again tomorrow. Properly this time.

i screwed this up again sorry. but i know what i diod wrong this time.

new game set up with RETRY as password

its ok i reverted the turn and got it right. off we go.

sorry pete i have been supporting canada whole game though.

No worries…you gotta do what you gotta do :grinning:

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Probably 3 turns left for me and science victory

Thats it over, good game didn’t realise how powerful germany are.

good game!

You do now @andrewsmart48 :laughing:
Good game, thanks All :grinning:

GG. Bit of a weird Pangaea map. I was completely isolated for most of the game.