Andrewsmart48's game! (fa08542c)

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I am somewhat stuck on my turn the save is looking for a human player but the game has moved over to ai. Think we should abandon and restart with losing a player so early anyway. thoughts?

I don’t mind restarting if we have to. I’m guessing you’ve just tried saving anyway despite the fact that the wrong player name is in the save box? Also, is there no option to revert?

Happy to restart

I have tried just saving.

will take us down to normal speed and restart.

better to have a full compliment of human players.

I have reverted the turn, that should get us unstuck.

easier just to continue?

Happy to continue. Someone invariably drops out sooner or later anyway!

Hi guys
I’m really sorry but I’m away and don’t have any access to play my turn until Tuesday 17th August.

Looks like I’m nearly done so good game everyone, I had a crazy tough start with Barbarians but made it this far. But that spot by the Giants’s Causeway was too good not to try and fight for.

Yep, the early barbarians were very aggressive in this game. Nearly took my first city. I was then attacked by the Gauls when they switched to AI. Hence my military build up!