Ancient start (34418d6a)

Smack talk goes here for Ancient start! Game URL:

@harre @Khiliani @Leviathan @Pete @ashm Please state your time zone in GMT format.
My timezone is GMT +2.

GMT +10, It should display if you hover over the player icons

I’m at UTC +1 or UTC +2 when daylight savings time

I’m GMT +10 or +11 depending on daylight savings.

Usually GMT -8 or -7 depending on daylight savings. I’m in Europe for the next week or so though.

I feel it’s no use to drag this out any further, I’m two eras behind the leader in tech and I see no other outcome than me loosing.

Good game guys!

@harre Good game! I’m winning, took Jdog city only one turn, from a single artillery shell :slight_smile:

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@Khiliani GG!

@Khiliani @J-Dog GG!