Anchor Ceti, free for all (f3c6c373)

Smack talk goes here for Anchor Ceti, free for all! Game URL:

2+ food (argonauts) retrograde thrusters +1 pop (refugees)

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convicts-fusion reactor-Physiocorrection module

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I want to make an update before we start this session.
To make Qiuck game pace 50% instead 67%.
It will affect gameplay, so I need to finish previous MP sessions.

Lets find 1 more human player and start?

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Lets choose a map guys!
Which your vote?

  1. Rigil Khantoris Bb (Aridean) - an arid world orbiting the closest star to the solar system;
  2. Skeeper’s Tail - a symmetrical map divided from north to south by a rugged ridge of mountains and hills;
  3. Tau Ceti d (Oceania)

I prefer Rigil Khantoris

If Speirsy will not vote I start Rigil

will anyone else be coming?

IDK, did you invite somebody?

yes,but he hasn’t responded yet,we can go without him

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Lets go, and dont forget to update the Anchor Ceti

Are you ready for turn, friend?

Hi Joe!
Can you please mark down your available PYDT hours in this table:

sr guys , my time is limited due to many reasons,but I will improve it as much as I can

We have same two hours to play everyday;
Same 5 hours to play Saturday;
Same 8 hours to play Sunday;

What is happened with Speirsy?


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