Anchor Ceti, free for all (85b5c2f4)

Smack talk goes here for Anchor Ceti, free for all! Game URL:

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Vote for map, please

terran sponsor africa convicts and psy module (slight heath boost)

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aristocrats-fusion reactor-physiocorrection module

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Lets choose time when we all can join discord and make first 20 turns at once.

Lets choose map with built in poll
  • Terran
  • Skeeper’s Tail
  • Atlantean

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What about to start this game right now in discord?
Graphic says that we all have time now

Would you mind Frenzied Aliens option?

Is it right?

can you do retrograde thrusters (extended range for capital start)

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that’s right

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I did switched the turn order to check if it will fit our hours better

I will start the game and we will check correct landing by 2nd turn

This game has been reset by the admin.

Bad starting location, restarted

I feel something incorrect happens in this game.
100,000 of energy suddenly appears.
Also this can be watched from MC menu.

Think this game should be terminated

it seems that you’ve made a fortune :rofl:

we can restart or reverse anytime