Anchor Ceti, Free For All #6 (April 10) (fcdd2775)

(turn 97)

It first time happens for me that I have game crash after pushing the End Turn button.
4 times in a row now.

7 times. Sorry, cant end my turn. Please redo

Again and again - crash after I push End Turn button.
I will investigate this, tomorrow

Maybe it’s something a happening at the start of my turn? I checked the save and I should be moving an aquatic city (Jenali) next turn but that’s it.

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(turn 100)
Reporter: I’m here with your man of the hour: Samatar Jama Barre: chief architect of the greater-Magan colonial effort, supreme commander of the Agrarian Autarky’s armed forces, and Space-Enthusiast Monthly’s Person of The-Year six times in a row.

Barre: please, call me Barre
Reporter: Tonight you and your forces celebrated the end of the siege of Mandira and your victory over the Kavithan Protectorate. A lot of people are asking the same question: how did this minor border skirmish turn into a full-blown blitzkrieg? Why conquer an entire colony when there are so much unihnabited land you could settle instead?

Barre: Good question, ummmm…, it was originally just a small territorial dispute but, you see, I got a little carried away…
Reporter: A little carried away?
Barre: Yeah; the skirmish turned into a blockade, so I built more boats. Then the blockade turned into a siege, so I built more artillery. You know how it goes.
Barre: I didn’t really think I’d get this far.
Reporter: I’m sure we can all relate to that.
Reporter: One last question: what will you do now that the war is finished?
Barre: I’m going to Space Disney World!

Barre: Kavitha can come too.

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AHAhaha ) Bravo!