Anchor Ceti, Free For All #4 (February 10) (a9a1bde2)

Protok of Lion’s Guards: YES
Gabezilla of Al Falah: YES
Hutama of Metocorpories: YES
Duncan Hughes of Planetary Admiralty: YES
Kavitha Thakur of Protectorate: YES
G-Man of Slavic Fderation: NO

5/1 YES/NO

Project #5/1 Accepted

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(turn 104) Oh No…

Et tu Duncan? I should’ve allied him last turn when I had the chance (I really wanted that defense agreement for aquatic cities.) I thought I had more time! Well, I’m definitely not getting rid of that space station now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: BRING IT ON! Sure, my economy may have been reliant on foreign trade-routes and agreements but I’m sure I’ll figure something out. See you all in hell! :laughing:

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(turn 108) Slavic Federation holomatrix broadcast:
Breaking News: RANGI falls back into Polystralian hands as the Federation Navy’s Southern Task-Force performs a Strategic Retreat
RANGI falls

While Federation forces fought valiantly to defend RANGI from anti-federation coalition forces, the admiral has called for a strategic repositioning of the remaining southern task force. Outgunned and outmanned, our sailors fought bravely against forces from many different nations.

Tune in for a special program from the ministry of propaganda after this commercial break.

*ad for Jose’s Terrascaping service*
*Don’t forget to renew your holomatrix subscription to stay up-to-date on current events!*
* Visit the new underwater dome in Khrarabrost, visit the terrestrial aquarium and see what Earth’s oceans used to be like!*

Special Broadcast: In light of the retreat from RANGI and rumors surrounding its purpose, the ministry of propaganda would like to share what kind of research materials were confiscated from the labs there. Remember! If someone you know is spreading news or rumors that aren’t signed by Federation fact-checkers, report them to the ministry of truth so we can provide them educational materials and social-adjustment services.

After the confiscation of Rangi, Federation scientists were shocked to find research materials relating to alien hybridization and miasma condensers. Not only were they breeding aliens, they were breeding xeno troops for war. The Federation rightly condemns such research and opted to occupy RANGI to contain any further outbreaks. As you can see in this picture, several of these war-bred aliens participated in the capture of RANGI.

Not only are these aliens dangerous, the miasma they spread is a threat to colony health and our terraforming and earth-life resettlement efforts. Rest assured that Federation forces are doing everything in their power to protect our civilians from any further incursion into our territory from these dangerous lifeforms.

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(turn: 113) Ecological news

SVYATOI base attacked group of peacefull krakens on their yearly migration route.

It is a pity that the society of this young base cannot understand the importance of nature and the lives of the colossal natives. Data on the committed act of aggression against nature were recorded by observation equipment on research vessels accompanying the migration of the colossi. A commission of the Coalition of the Seeding Mission will be convened on this issue.

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I am sending out my best whalers :whale:
but instead of harpoons they have laser guns!

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(turn 120) Federation Daily News (exclusive content for Holonet+ Premium subscribers)
Kavithan Protectorate sees reason: peace talks with Federation leaders

(Finally I have someone to trade with! My economy is teetering on the edge of collapse :sweat_smile:)

Earlier today, envoys from the Kavithan Protectorate arrived in SVYATOY and negotiated a cessation of hostilities with the Slavic Federation. It seems that Kavitha has seen through the lies of the wicked Brasilian treehuggers and Al Falah cyborgs and has wisely decided to cooperate with the Federation and its goal of taming this wild planet and making it a peaceful and prosperous place to live. In light of the ideological similarities between the two colonies, the Kavithans were given generous terms: peace in exchange for reparations and the sharing of several important military technologies.

This peace treaty followed several major victories of Federation forces in the north near SVYATOY and KUZMA. Defending from land, sea, and air; Federation forces bravely repelled attacks by Kavithan and Brasilian forces and destroyed much of the Kavithan fleet while taking minimal losses. Way to go!

Remember, the Federation needs YOU to do your part and defend Federation territory and our way of life. Call or text the number below to contact your local recruitment office. Call in the next 10 minutes and we’ll throw in a federation cap and bumper sticker for FREE!

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Cyborgs send press release:

Video gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.


(turn 127) - World War Cascade Begone

Or it was a deliberate backstabbing strategy.
Or the neural network broke free and decided to destroy humanity.


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So Gabezilla declares war on Protok and now it’s a total free-for-all with everyone is at war with everyone else (except Kavitha and me.) How does that even work lol? This is pure chaos! Not much has changed for me but I am certainly entertained. :smile:

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Pretty sure its because they brought the internet with them instead of abandoning it on Earth


(turn 142) Slavic Federation Intelligence: General Koslov’s daily briefing
excerpt 1131-241-093 CLASSIFIED

093 Signal Decoded

Scientists at blacksite █████████ have managed to decode the signal we recieved from expedition site █████. Not only does the signal reveal more information about the advanced alien civilization who left these ruins, it contains schematics for a ██████. We believe contact with this civilization to be beneficial to the Federation’s developmental and stragegic well-being and recommend construction of the ██████ immediately, before any of our rivals follow suit. In light of the military buildup of Brasilian forces near ISTOCHNIK (see section 041) reported by our probe teams and satellites, we believe the potential military technologies that may be gained from contact may be crucial to turning the tide of the war.

Construction Plans for the ██████ Near KHARABROST

(I only realized about 20 turns ago that I got the rare signal fragment from a progenitor ruin at some point. Now it’s a race to the finish!)

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I can wish you good luck!
9 turns to build, and 13 turns to light up the skies, so I have 22 to counter that. Lets race )

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Very nice :sunglasses: excellent game! It’s a shame my autosled guy was only one tile away from pillaging the mind flower even after Gabezilla was kind enough to give me open borders to get there quicker. Even if I did pillage it, I’m pretty sure you could’ve rebuilt it in the 10 turns I had left to finish my beacon.

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Good Game. I pressed many buttons.