Always war! 6 seats, FFA, draft, Pangea, BBG 5, 1x turn/day (17280075)

Oh ok, I had no idea they could do that.

yeah, this is my first game getting to air combat as well. It’s not exactly intuitive

FWIW, in case you didn’t see it before, I asked some clarifying questions in PYDT discord #general yesterday about how anti-air and fighter interception works

Yeah I’m a much more experienced Civ 5 player, played a fair bit of SP 6 but air units don’t get any play in SP really.

Such BS that fighters only intercept a 1 tile range when bombers can pillage, I literally need 700 AA guns to protect my tiles… Hurting my science and production and you’re causing crippling war weariness without entering my borders. I get that bombers pillaging is realistic but mechanically it’s BS.