Alpha (Rise&Fall-allDLC) (4c5f7d4c)

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Welcome Everyone.
Thanks for joining.
If you need to contact me, and smacktalk seems to perhaps have been having some problems.
My email address is my forum name at gmail.
Good luck all,

Sorry to interrupt this game, but I’m on vacation from tomorrow on till sunday.

(game: alpha-rise-fall-alldlc-4c5f7d4c/1963/2)

I’m out of the country, but should be back to play my turn by June 8.

Gone again until about the 18th.

I am on holiday from tomorrow - Monday, returning Sunday 5th.

Ugh… I think I have to drop this one. It takes forever to load, slows my computer to a crawl, then doesn’t submit half the time so I have to do it all over again. Plus all my notifications are in Cyrillic, so I don’t really know what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Sorry guys… next time!

Sorry to see you go.

I also have the problem with Cyrillic script, and an ‘o’ level in russian does not seem to help.
Then again, reading them in english seems to make little difference to my outcomes…

Edit - figured it out, thanks

I’m sorry, but tomorrow, January 3rd, I won’t be. I will only be in the evening, the 4th.

On this turn, Krakow and Karokorum were taken, and the game announced the victory of the Australians by Domination. Thank you all for the game!

Good game. My hussars know what cavalry at the end of World War I must have felt like.

Yes, good game and congratulations.