All Welcome (26ce1b2e)

Smack talk goes here for All Welcome! Game URL:

Will there be some sort of gentlemen rule of 24 / 48 hour max movement rule?

Thanks for setting this up.
Are you going to adjust to follow-the-sun play order?

Crazy Game! 12 Players :smiley: Going to be interesting :smiley:

Definitely fun times ahead with this big group, @Scienidez - and glad to see this game moving along nicely with all 12 players :grin:

Ok, there was a weird bug that partly revealed @Khiliani 's city after my turn; it was visible behind the normal “save/continue” UI. Game allowed me to save and submit turn. However - I’m ready to re-roll my turn if save got corrupted

Save file seems to be all good, just dont tell people where my city is :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Tel me tell me :smiley: :wink:

Kongo’s middle of jungle… shocker, right? :smile:

Did we get stuck here?

Hey guys. Got a small World War 2 - two team game which is missing one player and was started only recently. We have a special rule to peacefully build nations until industrial era, so having an AI messes this plan.

Have a look and reply to topic discussion to join:

If someone can take Russia under their control that would be much appreciated

Hi - I will be on vacation until 18th July…

Have a good vacation :slight_smile:

Sorry for my long delay. I will surrender because of limited spare time and my position is really really weak, so I just would steal all your time.

@ibntumart Can we move this game onwards? :slight_smile: Or is there a vacation we are unaware of?


double ping…

@Pete gg, the Venetian arsenal was my last real gambit