All Naval Superpowers: Huge Archipelago (Classical start) (All DLC) (Mods) (7efe01c6)

Smack talk goes here for All Naval Superpowers: Huge Archipelago (Classical start) (All DLC) (Mods)! Game URL:

Ill run a sort simulation for this and any other game. Ill wait for games to be full.

Thanks @Valamas. I’d like to start this game a little while after the big balance update comes out this week, to give us a chance to accommodate any weirdness and mod compatibility issues. I’d also appreciate you using your fancy calculator spreadsheet to optimize turn orders when you get a chance, since we’ll need it if we hit 12 players.

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I have turn data for the last 90 days. Refreshed yesterday from SackGT. I run the game’s players through 10k simulations and then I eye ball the result. So not using the spreadsheet anymore. Trying to refine this auto sort so PYDT can use it natively.

Alright, we’re 12/12 for All Naval Superpowers. I plan to start the game a few days after upcoming April balance update from Firaxis. That should be enough time for the mod developers to update accordingly, but I’ll run a quick test first to make sure.

My best estimate says we’ll probably start the first turn on the 24th or 25th.


We’re going to rearrange the playing order to match playing times, right? 12 people is going to be slow enough as it is…

I have a sort to suggest.
Yog Sothoth
Sir Richard Rumpel
Pro Regulo

Wonderful, thanks @Valamas. Your data-driven auto-sorting initiative is much appreciated.

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The roll is in! Please check the list on Discord ( to see who you rolled, everybody. I’m awaiting the BBG update and then this game will go live.

YogSothoth: Harald Hardrada
nlla: Dido
khiliani: Gitarja
Rumpel: Victoria/Eleanor
Laurentiu: Kupe
zarquonwhereareyou: Hojo
OutsideTheBox: Philip II
Rishat: John Curtin
Ramiro: Frederick
Valamas: Wilhemina
Ceryn: Pedro II
Pro Regulo: Joao

And we’re off! It’s been more than a week, and all ongoing BBG games look pretty much just fine, so I see no point in waiting. Good luck, everybody, may the baddest of the bad win the day.

Rishat13 are you there somewhere? I have tried to write to you on discord and on in-game pins but no response. Can you please communicate with me? This game is more fun with people who communicate.

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Why are you trying to persuade me to give you a place near my border, so that you take away the iron from me? For the only iron I will fight to the death. You scared me with the war, so why unnecessary words? Attack. I have already begun to prepare for your attack. If you don’t want to fight, then look for another place for your city.

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Hey thanks for answering!

I was not aware of the iron issue as I cannot see any of your territory. Are you truly that limited? But you realize that the spot that you are blocking is 4 hexes from my capital, right? Do you really expect me to not settle 4 hexes from my capital and to let you settle there instead? That is some serious forward settling. I don’t want to fight because if we fight, we will both lose. Can we try to find another peaceful solution? Maybe we can agree to split any iron that is mined from that hex or something like that?

I do not plan to put the city in front of your capital yet. Iron in the third radius from my city, waiting for the funds to expand the borders.

Is that a yes or no on an agreement? My proposal is that you let me settle without warring, but I give you half of the iron from that iron location. Surely half without war is better than all or none with war? I will keep my deals. Iron will be important early but eventually it won’t matter, but my ability to protect my capital will matter the whole game. You’re going to be much better off with a cooperative neighbor when these other seafaring civs start raiding our coasts than if you are also warring with me.

Attention everybody! I never specified any rule about capturing or razing City States with this game. This game mode will produce many many city states, and I understand that a majority of players would prefer to institute the following rule:

Each player may capture and keep one city-state. If you capture more than one city-state, you must raze it.

If anyone has already captured more than one city-state, or would like to vote against the rule, please reply here or write in Discord. Thanks everybody!

I cannot load my turn because of missing mod “Better Balanced Game 4.5.0 [EARLY RELEASE]”. I cannot find such mod and I have not had this problem before. What has happened and how can I resolve this?

It looks like a number of games using the BBG dlc have been affected by something.
What is not clear but there is some talk on the developers steam page of an april fools day joke that has gone wrong.
What or if the solution is, I am not at all clear on.

I am told that subscribing to this will fix it Steam Workshop::[PBC/SP] Better Balanced Game 4.7.4 (Static Version)

Worked perfectly, thank you! :slight_smile: