All Modes Party Game - standard speed - 9 players on huge map - no domination victory (60569d7a)

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gtm -3, choice time should be 8pm (gtm)

I tend to check for turns multiple times between 09:00-21:00 gmt, and occasionally also later or earlier.
Say 09:00-18:00 for commitment.

Checking every day 08:00 GMT and again (most days) around 18:00 GMT. Looks like it’ll be an interesting game!

Work from home, so available from 9am-11:30 pm.

Sorry to see you go @adyyc, your average turn time is too high. Thank you

@Valamas, if you’re willing to reconsider, I can confirm that @adyyc lives in my timezone and usually completes turns a few hours after I do 90% of the time. We have three currently open games where he’s right after me, and he has a game-specific average turn speed of between three and four hours in each of them.

That sounds great. Thanks for explaining that and joining the game. Welcome.

This game is a timezone and time of day case study, hopefully leading to better player matching and sorting on this site. So ill remove the restriction on average turn time.

So @adyyc, please say your timezone and best hour of the day to play.

We should be fine if you place him right after me @Valamas

I work from home these days. I play from 09 AM to 23 PM. Putting me after YogSothoth it’s the best solution!

I Take Turns regularly between 8pm and 11pm AEST (9am-12pm GMT). Occasionally more often on weekends and days I’m working from home

GMT+8, working from home mostly; mornings local time are best but frequently will take turns throughout the day.

so 8am is your first turn?

Depends, but usually sometime before 10am.

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Here is a list of civs I have selected as if it were based on their victory type.

C Greece Pericles
C America
C Sweden

S Australia
S Scotland
S Maya

R Arabia
R Polish
R India Ghandi

I tried to avoid cross-victory types and civs with strong domination or too strong (Korea).

Any suggestions welcome. I will update this post if we do.

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Best times to play for me are between 3 PM - 5 PM GMT (after work) and 8 PM - 10 PM GMT (before going to sleep).

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Above is the revised order. I think this is correct now. (ignoring daylight savings)

and away we go.

tech and civic shuffle is nuts!