Acechante's game! (94a0e718)

Smack talk goes here for Acechante’s game!! Game URL:

I hope to fill the gaps with human players and then start the game :slight_smile:

We are full, so go go :slight_smile:

Cool!!! Currently at work, will play my damn turn in about 3 hours

Hey guys. Sorry i have to leave the game because i don´t have the aztec dlc. i have the digital deluxe version and i thought it was part of this version. But it is not. It is currently only for the pre order version. I´m very sorry.

Or is there a possibility to turn off this dlc?

Sorry Kombinat

The DLC is going to be free for all, but after 90 days of reléase day (so 21 January)

I couldnt turn off once we started the game. i should do it when i created the game

You can create another one, without DLC :slight_smile:

I will joint it

PD: Create it Open :slight_smile:

thanks. i´m sorry about it.
i already created a game, but when we can create more i will open one again.

sorry the same goes for the other player. we joined together and he as the same problem.

“DLC mismatch” error appearing :frowning: Any idea?

Sorry, there was a bug in some code I pushed this morning to validate DLC and mods, should have tested more thoroughly. :frowning: Should be good now if you want to try again, I can also push through the save file you uploaded if you want.

I went ahead and pushed your turn through, karlas.

Top! Will play turn again. Thanks Mike!

When saving my last turn, it prompted to my turn again. Trying to submit this save returned an error :slight_frown:

Reverting turn, sorry for the inconvenience

Did you mean to resign, Acechante? If so, I’m probably going to resign too, this game is going to last too long for just two human players.

Yes I couldn’t do anything :slight_smile:

Well played guys! Acehante, you were a good opponent!

mrosack, is there any way to “convert” this game into a single player game? Would like to end it, but now when I end a turn, it prompts to the save game / start turn (my turn)

In addition, to end this game, should I “surrender” as well?

Yeah, I haven’t quite figured out what to do at the end of games, basically everyone just surrenders. :slight_smile: I would like to detect win conditions at some point, but haven’t spent a lot of time looking into the save files to see if that’s possible.

If you want to keep playing, you should be able to finish the game out, just keep playing your turn, but no need to upload it to PYDT.