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Strategy Discussions - which path to victory works best for you?

I have won 16 multiplayer games and 9 were domination. That seems to be the easiest path to victory.

have you won any cultural victories yet? mine were all domination and science with a singleton religious win

I keep track of all my games. So far I have…

9 conquest wins
4 religion wins
2 science wins
1 culture win

23 losses of varying kinds. Mostly I was killed off when I got ganged up on.

So 16 wins and 23 losses, which is not bad considering most of the games I play against 3-7 players

My 1 culture win was as Pericles of the Greeks. My opponents were France, Japan, Germany, Poland, Australia. It was quick speed and I won on turn 136 out of 250.

did you spawn wonders or how did you manage the cultural win?
I am currently trying to achieve a cultural win with France in one game but I am already regretting it - I built Stonehenge and now a neighbour is forward settling me hard and I cant punish as I don`t have the units for it.

Also with the religious win - I just feel that if your opponents are aware of the threat they should be able to defend quite easily. Please tell me if I am wrong… or even better: write a guide on how to achieve religious and cultural win on MP :slight_smile:

Both games were so long ago, before R&F came out.

For the cultural win I was Pericles of Greece. Other players were France, Japan, Germany, Poland, Australia. I went heavy on Acropolis and wonders. I made nice with everybody and before anybody could stop me, I had a cultural win. I won on turn 136/250.

For the religion win I was Poland. Other players were Australia, Sumeria, and America. Sumeria spawned on their own continent and I was with America and Australia. America started in tundra and Australia decided to go tall instead of wide. I had great land and built holy sites and wonders that gave faith. It was on a tiny map so nobody had many cities. I think I had 8 cities in the end. Spreading religion on my continent was easy. It was Sumeria that gave me trouble, but in the end I made a bunch of apostles and then all at once rushed him.

I’m not great with guides. I have been following yours though and will post some comments after I have tried them out.