A Very Civilized Civilization (2f790800)

Smack talk goes here for A Very Civilized Civilization! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/2f790800-4419-4700-8e46-fdd707896187

Size is fine. I’m going random also. Regular is fine, no hold your horses. I agree to a denounce before declaring war. See how that turns out.

Sounds good… I’m not sure if Protectorate Wars, Liberation Wars and the like can be declared immediately after denounce, but possibly. If that happens, we should probably keep to that spirit, and just fight over the City State or ally or whatever.

I’ve chosen Island Regions in Detailed Maps, and somewhat randomly assigned Victoria’s England to me, and Carthage to you… does that sound appealing?

Sounds good. I keep losing at Dido, hopefully not this time.

Wait, who is Carthage? They are not in Civ 6. I can be Eleanor of England, have 2 Englands in the game. Or Indonesia.

Sorry, isn’t Dido Carthage? I meant Dido, whatever one she is. :slight_smile: Either way, would you rather be another England or Indonesia?

I finally got a game with good (ish, in my case) starts for both of us, but can go again… We aren’t on the same continent, and you’re right next to Yosimite for good science. Might be a little crowded for you tho.

And this is me…

Dido is Phoenicia. I’m good with that start.

All right then, we’re off. I’m kinda annoyed… every start that was decent for me involved you on tundra or a tiny desert peninsula… the first one that was acceptable was you with the wonder giving you the equivalent of a well situated campus with a library level of starting science on turn one. I guess I have my work cut out for me. I should hit my stride in the industrial era if I live that long!

Don’t worry, I’m sure I will find a way to screw it up.

But yes, once England gets those Royal Navy Dockyards up they will be rolling in the ships.

Well, not sure if my first turn is good or bad. I spent 30 minutes trying to decide where to settle. Either on my starting spot or one to the east on the Mercury. I tried to do the math for all the tiles to determine which one is best. Hope I made the right choice. Longest first turn ever.

Hah… Well it took me two hours to find that map, so it seems fitting.

At least it’s a good starting position for era score. I was 11/11 era score on the first turn! If I don’t get a golden age then something is seriously wrong. Perhaps there are no barbs or city-states on my island. Or maybe it is a tiny island with room for only one city. Time will tell.

Can you revert the last turn? I made a huge honest mistake. I’m in an always war game with some other people. I just played the always war game, and then played this game, and when I played this game I just met another civ and declared war on them. I forgot which game I was in. If not, no worries. I can play it out and chalk it up as a mistake for not knowing which game I’m in.

Hah… sure. An honest mistake.

Thanks, appreciate it.

BTW, do you ever want to get in on one of our Always War games? They are a lot of fun. Concept pretty simple, you MUST declare war on all civs the turn you meet them and you can never go to peace. You don’t have to declare war on city-states unless you want.

Sure… is there one coming up?

I could always start another one and see if they want to play 2. We just finished one last week, and started a new one right away. Takes about 6 months to play because we play with 4. I will send out a chat.

You will need to revert it back to your turn before I declared war. When I just loaded this save I’m at war with the other civ.I think it needs to be the beginning of your turn 19.

Weird… I made some changes in the replay of the last couple of turns, but they were negated and it was the same turn I had before reverting. Did you upload the wrong turn file? Are you at war with that civ again?