A Little DB Will Do - by OtherRealisms (fa54dac7)

Anyone else’s GP tab looking like this?

Hi @Bored How did France get an Okichitaw?

Magic… I mean, bought it from barbs

Interesting. I rarely have done that. I will have to reconsider. P.S. My scout has no interest in kidnapping your settler. I am running away from a barb warrior. See map tack.


I don’t know but @PerroMalo may know how to fix it

Every day I thought to myself “I’ll try disabling all other mods and see if it fixes the UI in that one modded game” but I forget every time
But yeah in any case I hope this is fixable since I don’t intend to go through the game without recruiting a GP… So far zero districts since my start has zero production.

Maybe we should just scrap this game and call it a failed experiment.

I disabled EVERY mod (from the main menu screen) and the GP tab works roughly normally now.

The combat prediction screen is still a bit weird but functional

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I just realized that Condemn Heretic is impossible with these mods options. It was called out in the comments above, but I had forgotten. Just writing that out so that people don’t forget as easily as I did. :sweat_smile:

yeah loving that

Hi @Marthow, the Ottomans (@CEO_of_Spearfighting) are poised to capture the CS of Venice, of which I am Suzerain and which is close to my cities. Of course, many Samurai and other troops are now en route to take it back.

@Marthow, I propose friendship, and if I end up at war with Mr. Spearfighter, we can work out mutual support.

@CEO_of_Spearfighting if you don’t want a 2-front war, get some training in and pillage if you must, but leave Venice unconquered.


Fascinating… It seems Japan does not even remember the name of its vassal Vatican City.

… Which surely highlights how the citystate must not be very important, and thus unworthy of our troops’ attention. We shall withdraw.

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@OtherRealisms I accept your friendship, my business partner.

i got you buddy