A Game Called Monday (9e612bb1)

Smack talk goes here for A Game Called Monday! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/9e612bb1-e928-48be-a170-6009c48ce16d

I’m going to steal an idea from Valamas, and try to streamline player order to keep the game moving along. So, can everyone make sure I can see their timezone, and announce here what your typical play time of day is. Whatever time you first check for a turn is enough.

I play mostly between 1600 and 0700 GMT!

Is this with BBG also or only BBS? Cause in the etiquette and suggested rules its both, so… ^^

I haven’t played with BBG, and it is a more comprehensive change to the game than BBS, which naturally only affects spawn mechanics. That said, I’ve skimmed through the BBG page on steamcommunity.com, and I’m happy to add it if you’d like (and no one else objects).

From my experience BBG makes for more interesting choices throughout the game. The most important part to check out is probably the governor overhaul, but yes I’d add it if no one objects.

I also mentioned it in discord, and I don’t think it has been added to the etiquette page, but there was a pretty large agreement to start using the killable great people mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715293907), as it prevents stuff like immortal great artists scouting the frontline. I’d be up to try it as well as it is a fairly simple change, but I don’t feel that strongly about this as about the BBG.

I don’t mind playing with the GP killer mod. Regarding BBG: a good thing is that in-game Civilopedia is adjusted and reflects all changes.

Oh, I’m totally on board with the GP killer mod. I honestly don’t know what Firaxis was thinking with the GP mechanics, it’s such an obvious loophole.

One of my main misgivings about the BBG was that the mechanics wouldn’t match what was in the Civilopedia, but if that’s all updated I’m happy to try it out.

I’ll update the description to reflect the fact that we’ll be using these three mods.

Hi. I play 09:00 to 21:00 GMT most days.

I’m happy with BBG and killing Great People.

I my favorite times are between 19 and 23 GMT and around 13.30 GMT.
( But I will move as soon as possibile between 10.30 an 23.30 GMT )

Here’s the turn order I decided on:

  • Yeti: 14:00
  • Ceryn: 16:00
  • Buno: 19:00
  • Pete: 9:00
  • Yaroslav: 12:00


And we’re off! Good luck to all.

Good luck, and have fun!

Are we getting a discord channel in the pydt group for this game?

@yeti @Pete @Buno what’s the best way to join you guys for diplomacy? Are you guys not really using discord?

I look at it occasionally but am only in one game chat on there and there’s not much conversation in that one! would happily have a channel for this game :smiley:

I have a discord account but I never used for pydt.
Is there a channel for this game?

Here’s the channel: https://discord.com/channels/546531900290760705/805583413410398208

Dunno if that link will work, I couldn’t find a share button in Discord’s web interface.

This invite link should work in principle:

A quick heads up, I’ll be out of town for the next week. I may or may not be able to play any turns until next Sunday (the 21st).