8 Seats Invitational, Wetlands, No AI's, Std Speed, BBG, BBS (8feaa465)

That’s true, I think that all of us are men of honor, we all play for fun, for enjoying the game, for making friends, so I think that all of us play fair. I have never thought of someone cheating.

Hello, I’m posting the proposals for this congress. Feel free to discuss them in private or in public, as you wish.

Why did @Bliss left this game?

Well, I think he left because he has a lost position, he has no more army and it’s just matter of time to be conquered, also @Calcifer concerning to what you said in the other game about ppl teaming to fight another player I can say that people should also develope their diplomatic habilites, most of the time I never attack anyone just to make a free war, at least in this game I can say that I sent an early request for a delegation, which was refused, then Netherlands began to settle his cities toward me and Cree, without having any communication, but then I discovered that he had tons of land to the north, but he didn’t want to use them, “why should I use my land if I can settle toward my neighbors?” and you already know the rest of the history.
So, the problem is not private communication, the problem, is the lack of communication with your neighbors and the desires for “grabbing land”
Why are we 2v1 in this game? because he began to take land of 2 nations (nations that communicated to each other their discontent) when he had lot of land to the north, there was no need to prioritize his settlements to the East and South East (btw lands to the north were much better than those he took), in my opinion he had no need to compite for those lands with his neighbors, he just found free problems.

looking at the map, I only see “Rotterdam” as a forward settle but that also is 8 tiles away from netherlands capital. It is 10 tiles away from Cree’s capital so definitely they shouldn’t be angry about it.
It is 7 tiles away from Arabia’s cap that may have been annoying, I agree.

But I don’t agree that you are saying they have a much better land in their north that they didn’t settle. That also is in common with India.

On the other hand, even now, you yourself hasn’t settled your land to your west, which is actually a great land with ur pantheon and etemenaki. but well, thats your decision to attack someone and make that a priority over settling that land and its fine.

Either way, I think this is not a lost position, and I think we should look for a sub. Netherlands had lost 2 cities from what I see and have 5 more cities left.

Well, I have land to the west, and maybe if he had talked to me and we have reached an agreement I would have allowed him to take part of those lands, but, he refused my delegation, then he founded a forward city close to our capital without saying a word and we never had any communication, that’s why our nation took the decision of attacking Holland, we didn’t want more forward cities from someone we didn’t know if he was a friend or a foe.

Concerning to his seat, I think that trying to find a sub for a tourney of the best out of 3, when he has already lost a game, and in this game next turn he is gonna lose his capital and will have another 4 but minor cities and in the last game, he has a good position (I assume but I’m not sure) but it’s just a game out of 3, I dunno if someone will want to substitute him.
Do you wanna reconsider your decision after knowing that next turn he is gonna lose his capital?
Does someone else think that is a good idea to look for a sub?

I left the game as I will be conquered soon by Arabian knights and their sidekick Cree with catapults & other support. Although the knights would be enough, Cree is late to the party…

The +100% on production of units resolution just before Arabia made their intentions clear crippled any ability I had to defend. The early war with India who also attacked out of the blue, had already crippled my development anyway.
I bet @perromallo spend quite some time orchestrating this resolution and had some mass knights upgrade planned for a while. Well played.
@PerroFlamer also seems to know alot about other players land, decisions and game etc… It is obvious that he spends time chatting to other players and making “diplo”. That is fine, it is a way of playing this game, mimicking the ai experience with humans.

It is always surprising what humans will do, even if it not in their real interest, if you just talk to them!

Finally on the free land to the north discussion, I did not know the land was there as I had not scouted that way.

So anyway, gg well played.

any chance you can still play your turn so we don’t have to deal with AI?
Because AI make dumb decisions and I have seen it builds settlers and gift it to the attacker when its on low number of cities.
even if u shift enter ur turns, it would be greatly appreciated. If possible, in both games that you surrendered. I understand if you don’t want to though and its fine

I know that its too late in this game to say this, but if you have had communication with us about your desire to found Rotterdam history could be different.
Communication is important, at least for me, war in this game was not personal, it was just a lack of communication issue, I never take issues from a game to another so I bet we can meet ourselves in other games in other conditions.
Thanks bro for playing this tourney. :hugs:

Did India also did not “communicate” enough with you guys? :smiley: just curious

I was not going to war India, but while I conquered Holland, India moved troops to menace my army, they were surrounding my army, and they were also moving toward Groningen, I had no other choice that attack him, I also let India know that I had no other choice against their military moves. But I think that it’s also a good idea to let the world know how things happened.

Civ 6 doesn’t see any of the PYDT hotseat download files anymore after the latest update. Anyone know how to fix this?

If you are on Mac, its because Firaxis changed the location of save files :neutral_face:

Copy “Saves” and “Mods” folder inside the “Sid Meier” folder (which as u see is created 2 days ago after their update) and it should work.

You also need to change PYDT client settings to:
/Users/[YOUR_USER_NAME]/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Saves/Hotseat

That worked - thank you!!

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Hello @our_witchcult_grows my friend it has been several days since you played ur last turn, but overall I’m curious about the message you left that said that you will be back on September 5th, is everything ok bro? are you ok?
I hope your delay is because u r having more fun than expected, if you can let us know when you will be back, salutes!

I was on a vacation and I set a vacation mode, whats wrong? please stop abusing players

Bro I was not abusing you, if you read my post I was asking if you are ok? and wishing that you were not back due to good things in your vacations like an extension of your vacacional period or another good stuff, that’s all bro.
I was asking because you posted you were going to be back on Sep 5th, and believe it or not somehow you appreciate the people with whom you play everyday.
By the way, I’m glad to hear that you are ok :v::grinning: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

FYI, proposals for this congress.


@OtherRealisms GG.
Just to let the world know. I razed last two cities of India to not gift two more cities to Arabia and Cree

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Getting error in lobby for this game. I’ve tried disabling all mods and restarting and redownloading the save file. Still get a corrupted lobby. Says No Human Players.