[#5] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Gathering Storm + all DLC + mod Detailed Worlds 2.12) (8c98ed51)

Smack talk goes here for [#5] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Gathering Storm + all DLC + mod Detailed Worlds 2.12)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/8c98ed51-a137-49ca-9443-b3973963ecdb

The adventure has begun, buddies. Unfortunately, I forgot to sort the players by time zone :confused:

Good luck and have fun.

Could we please take our turns a little bit faster? More than 24 hours without notifying the party is a bit excessive.

Hi all:

Unfortunately, my ability to take turns has been severely hit. My graphics card is dead and I can’t replace it in the near future. I’m now using a really old laptop for study purposes which is absolutely unable to run anything but Minesweeper. Because of this, and with great pain, I’m sorry to communicate that I must resign/be replaced in all of my games.

Good luck to all of you. I hope to play along with you again in the future!


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That sucks. I have had some luck running Civ 6 on an old beater laptop using the Nvidia Geforce now service, but im not sure how to get the PYDT File there.

I doubt I could use that service with my 3mb connection xD

Thanks for the game.
Canada was squeezed between Scotland and Kongo, so any war would be a hard way. But it managed to grab some land and then sneak into tech lead when everyone was looking at Inca runover.
I did enjoy it, eventhough somebody could find it boring:)
Thanks for the game - see you next rounds

Good Game, I was just hanging in there until the end

Same, there was little I could do as n11n expanded so quickly in the start and I could not do anything to stop it. Well played :slight_smile:

GG all, was an interesting one, with the player expanding quickly, then the AI taking over with their buffs. Took a lot to slow them down to prevent them running ahead

GG. Guess I should have attacked Canada eaarly on instead of Incas!