4 Seats, No Ai's, Continents, Random, Only fast movers, read the rules (d2bb96b6)

Smack talk goes here for 4 Seats, No Ai’s, Continents, Random, Only fast movers, read the rules! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/d2bb96b6-6218-4831-957c-4b1175ef1aa2

Everyone can ban 2 civs. I ban Kupe, Eleanor(England).
Add your bans here please

Ban Dido and Norway

ban canada and australia

Ill ban zulus and tamar

good luck for everyone, fair play

This will be the first time that I have ever done this, but - I am requesting a remap.

My capital tiles are good, but I have no access to fresh water anywhere in the near future.

The few green tiles that I can reach would make totally nonproductive cities, and Robert the Bruce has loyalty pressure on the best ones.

I request a formal remap vote.

I can tell u that my location it’s more less same as awful as yours… so i vote to don’t remap because I also like to play against bad situations, what do the others say?

I too have a low production crappy spawn, so we all have balanced spawns it seems.

ok, so I withdraw my request

guys do u know why unless I have alredy chiefdom as Pericles I’m not receiving the wildcard policy slot? As Greece it is supposed that I must have an extra wildcard policy slot in any kind of goverment. :worried:



Extra envoys from [Acropolis] are now obtained when you build an Amphitheater, instead of the district AND now exclusive to Pericles.
Extra Wildcard slot delayed to Political Philosophy.

ok, thanks. It needs a better description then.

So with otherrealisms being defeated next turn, do we call this game?

what do you mean?

Well MaybeT’s spawn had 2 horse resources in his cap which gave him an unbalanced advantage over otherrealms and me. He will conquer otherrealms capital next turn. He will now snowball with his production and # of cities advantage. It was just an unbalanced spawn for the rest of us compared to MaybeT’s.

Congrats to MaybeT. I asked for a remap on May 17. No one was interested then.

We can restart this game. other, MisterT800 and me were very close and sooner or later one of us was going to be defeated.

Do you want to play with the same civs and same map, or we go random again?

I would join a new game, random civs different map.

do you guys like to play “mirror” map? it should be ideal for 4-player matchups