4 Seats, No Ai's, 7 seas map, only fast movers, random civs, I'll be back! (22131265)

Smack talk goes here for 4 Seats, No Ai’s, 7 seas map, only fast movers, random civs, I’ll be back!! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/22131265-dcf1-43d4-8d76-8006c712b223

I ban Babylon and Māori. I’ll play Spain, unless someone objects.

I’ll ban japan and Incas, I’ll vote 2, it’s random civs otherrealisms

Sorry, random civs it is.

Ban Dido and Norway

ban portugal and mya

I change my bans to Spain and Māori.

Here we go, good luck to everyone :kissing_heart:

So Russia is going to win this game with his +20 production Lavra and +18 production Lavra. Those are just insane! Exhibit 1 for using the BBG mod. :smiley: I am pretty sure I will come in 2nd. I am happy to continue if PerroMalo and otherrealisms want to battle it out for 3rd.

You are right BBG does a great job… we might finish the game if @otherrealisms wants to be 4th place.

This game is very boring for me. I’m willing to end it with Russia declared the winner unless Andrew wants to have the fun of crushing everyone. I’m also willing to gift all my cites to Perro (except capital of course) if he wants to play on and Andrew doesn’t object.

Can’t say I like either option.

Maybe The second is ok though in fairness.

Rather just start a new game

I can’t see much point in a new game if it’s going to fall apart after a few dozen turns every time.

Sometimes games get unbalanced without BBG and BBS mods. Not every game goes to turn 100.

Andrew, I wouldn’t consider it falling apart, I would consider it a swift victory. However, I will keep playing if that is your preference.

It’s up to you guys obviously i am enjoying my game and want revenge for my lost settler but understand if you guys think it is over.

Cobra kai never gives up!