4-Leaf Clover, All Random (64201d14)

Smack talk goes here for 4-Leaf Clover, All Random! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/64201d14-d718-4971-bf94-d4e2bff7a5a8

if you disable the mods i miss i would gladly come and join

I’m sorry, but i want to play with all DLC’s and Maximilian already joined :frowning:

please confirm that everything is ok in initial save

All seemed ok

All good.

Lol worst start ever :expressionless:

i just can’t understand how Max’s economy became so strong :slight_smile:

I actually had a rough start, barbs spawned all over the place and griefef me big time. 1 trade route pillaged +1 district and 2 improvements pillaged before I got things under control. Also had to retreat my settler and lost like 4 turns on my 3rd city. Then a random storm out of nowhere instakills my 3rd worker, fresh out of my capital with 4 charges. Those were desperate times I was afraid It would be impossible to come on top after that. But I also had a sizeable advantage over you guys. I had Auckland + god of the sea pantheon. So all my working boat gave me 2 hammers. This map has very few hills, it is mostly food tiles. So my water tiles were very good. That is why I rushed the two island colonies. I then went all in on Harbors which gave me a good gold income + a good science boost with free inquiry.

Whatever about all that,the big learning is that Conquistadors are incredibly powerful. Pretty much unstoppable with my current units. If I threw everything against one (buffed with a missionary) I’d just make a bit of a dent.

True, they are very OP

That said, well played all the same.

Maximilian Bowed out, GG. Sorry for all the murder and plunder. You guys want to keep going ? I own half the map and I have no intention to attack India. We might settle at that.

lets bring the game to the end :slight_smile:

Fair enough :stuck_out_tongue:

cant stop this war machine :slight_smile:

GG @MaxWar very well played! see you next games :slight_smile: @adyyc you 2 bro

Thanks! GG folks.

@MaxWar gg!

Thanks! See you another time.