4-Leaf Clover, All Random (4721c003)

Smack talk goes here for 4-Leaf Clover, All Random! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/4721c003-52a6-4e32-b797-f5d17384e5bc

My playing time is from 05:00 GMT untill 21:00 GMT

When this game’s going to start?

Sorry guys! Was very busy on work T_T ! GLHF all :slight_smile:

I was waiting for @AAmatveev to come back from holiday, but he left the game. So I can’t skip or play my turn (client complains that it’s not the right player next turn).

Reverting my turn to fix this

@AAmatveev what happened?

You sly bardard, @our_witchcult_grows. Going around the globe with your apostates. You force my into a holy war. May the best pointy hat man win

Damn, I didn’t know you had such a strong military. I think I’m doomed and this game has very annoying long turns, can I surrender and can we declare you as a winner?
But if you want, we can continue to play till the end :slight_smile:

Yeah, I accept your surrender.

This point I can slowly level your civ (would have razed your cities) and condemn heretics to prevent your victory. Your elite army could have run me over, if I hadn’t researched flight. Didn’t suspect the arrival of sea missionaries. This could have ended differently :smiley:

Good game. Thanks for making it and being a great opponent. Same goes for Australia :slight_smile:

Yes, nice and unusual game. GG.
Btw, my first time with Byzantium) I’ts an interesting, but pretty hard to play civ

Some kind of error … My turns are really done. I only can choose ‘Save game’ at the end of my turns. Everybody had this error once or more when there are still units who needs orders but this is different. Everything is done but still this message … I tried all the options but the same result …