[#4] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Gathering Storm + All DLC + mod Detailed Worlds 2.12) (5520e902)

Smack talk goes here for [#4] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Gathering Storm + All DLC + mod Detailed Worlds 2.12)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/5520e902-f3b4-4f1e-bf4d-794a646054a5

Journey has begun! Good luck and have fun!

I wonder if we should revert a couple of turns to before I declared war on Mesias, and I’ll leave the game. Hungary is too over-powered, but I don’t want to/can’t be peaceful. :slight_smile: He might stand a chance against it with a computer opponent.

@Kennedy992 That is not necessary. Hungary is indeed utterly overpowered, but I have rushed other players in a similar fashion many times before - I knew Karma would knock my door at some point :sweat_smile:

Hi all:

Unfortunately, my ability to take turns has been severely hit. My graphics card is dead and I can’t replace it in the near future. I’m now using a really old laptop for study purposes which is absolutely unable to run anything but Minesweeper. Because of this, and with great pain, I’m sorry to communicate that I must resign/be replaced in all of my games.

Good luck to all of you. I hope to play along with you again in the future!


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I’m sorry that you’re done for now. I was looking forward to beating you a little. Have fun with Minesweeper. :slight_smile:

I’m tapping out, as my poor Russian tundra farmers are getting wiped out by the mighty army of Poland. Good luck!

What is it with this game?. There have been around 8 or 9 withering droughts in exactly the same area of the map since the beginning.

Maybe the God of weather doesn’t like the Cree?

Sorry Zarquon, and very soon Dogboy… Hungary in this game is just ridiculous.

Ya, Hungary should be a banned civ in multiplayer. But no worries.

The problem is not in Hungary itself, but in the fact that it turned out to be a very unbalanced map - for a long time all city-states were accessible only to Hungary, while the rest of the civilizations were isolated from them. It is in this that I see the reason for such a strengthening of Hungary, there is no reason to ban it. Mod Detailed Words did not justify itself …

Looks like I’m to be sandwiched out, good game all!

Poland recognizes the futility of further resistance and congratulates Hungary on the convincing victory in this game!

Thanks! You put up a good fight, when it finally happened! Once Hungary found that pocket of isolated city states early on, the game was pretty much over, but everyone put in a solid effort. Cheers!

Looks like there’s a turn error, and it doesn’t seem worth getting fixed, so that it! Good game everyone. :slight_smile:

GG. Nice job on Hungary.