#3 Renaissance era start R&F (a4f77994)

Smack talk goes here for #3 Renaissance era start R&F! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a4f77994-a888-4c2c-b8df-28841b8fb5ac

Please state you time zone in GMT format. My timezone is GMT +2.

@BobReman @gabezilla @jvanheycop @Scienidez @iannarone

Please state you time zone in GMT format.

Mine is US Central Standard Time (-6 GMT)

Central European Standard Time = GMT+1

GMT+1 (Amsterdam) I’m usually around in the evenings. I also have a trip to Lapland coming up at the end of the year, I’ll tell you guys ahead of time.

So this Mod, Better Balanced Starts… any link for it?

EDIT: Found it… Doing my turn atm

So… are we dead here, or what is going on? :slight_smile:

Well, it doesn’t look too good. Adyyc started this… but has had either a change of heart or a too long Thanksgiving.

So, should i replay my turn, and try put “Adyyc” on as AI? Not sure if that will work?`

I have no idea if that works, but you might try. What else are we to do?

Sure, lets us give it a day or two, so he has a chance to reply to all this? Something could have happend, that made it impossible for him to interact? shrugs

Meanwhile, join up on this one instead… I made a new one, take a look and maybe come with suggestions?


If i decide to Resign from this game, when should i do this? Now or before my turn? I did it another game and that kinda broke it for them? Just need to be sure i do this right, this game seems to go nowhere…

Mh - it seems that I can’t load this game. Maybe the better balance start mode is somehow “broken” with the new DLC :confused:

I do not have the new DLC. Mine worked, but had some warnings that a mod is incompatible with current version of civ.

I guess I need to drop out - can’t start the game. The mod itself is installed and “compatible”, but Civ won’t start: image

Yeah we had the same issue in another game, only option is abandoning unfortunately :frowning: