[#3] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Rise & Fall + all DLC) (low water Archipelago - Quick - 2 Emperor AIs) (a1597a9d)

Smack talk goes here for [#3] --|Dominium Mundi|-- (Rise & Fall + all DLC) (low water Archipelago - Quick - 2 Emperor AIs)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/a1597a9d-3177-49d4-8515-c6e3ac3d5ef8


From July, 16 - July 18 I will be without internet access for a short camping trip.


No problem. It sounds great - I love nature. Have a good time!

Game launched after several rolls (I went through all the starting positions to check everybody has a workable start). Good luck and have fun!

Toot Toot! Huzzah! GL HF DD.

Leaving from tomorrow until Sunday night, and then from Monday until either Wednesday or next weekend.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


(Dominium Mundi III)

Ummm, nooby question.

If someone left me a message using map pins, how can i tell who left it?

Alternatively, please add another letting me know who you are :slight_smile:

I think you can guess who was it from by the color of it, which should match their civ’s color.

@BigStickOfButter - if you were not planning to attack me, then my apologies.
But - if you really were not - it sent me completely the wrong message when you planted Immortals outside my city, with a warrior round the rear, and then surrounding my northern forces fighting a just war of repulsed oppression against Spain

Oh, it seems things are heating up. I like it :yum:

Hello guys,

As I have explained in other games, I’m travelling abroad 10th January and will be away for about two months. In all the games I’m in I’ve asked to be replaced, but I’d appreciate if you could wait for me on the three I’m hosting, which are Dominium Mundi 1, 2 and 3. This way, I’ll have something to play to when I’m back!! :smile:

Thanks in advance and sorry about the inconvenience.

Yours faithfully,


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ok by me.
enjoy the trip.

The world has embraced the truth contained within the Loli Complex. I’ve achieved a Religious Victory. Good game, well played.


Emergency against you, Zarquon, was being very interesting.

Well played.