10 Seats, No AI's, Fractal, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD's, FFA (rules) (29eb6ae1)

Smack talk goes here for 10 Seats, No AI’s, Fractal, StdSpd, BBG, BBS, MOD’s, FFA (rules)! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/29eb6ae1-2dc3-4e60-bf46-9edaf9a78287

8-23 GMT
No ban

@PerroFlamer If you would like, I can give you the sort to this game.

No ban.

Ban: Mali

1300-1500, 2100-2300, 0100-0300, no ban

Ban Russia please.

For all of us that have already took a place in this game I have just listed the options form the “DB’s Gold” mod that will apply to this game, if you have any doubt let me know. :cowboy_hat_face:

Sure, once we have playing window(s) from all players, can you also post ur playing window and ur ban.

My usual window (13 GMT - 6) with variation across the week depending on what shift I am working, can usually get in a morning and evening move.

Ban Tomyris

I have the player’s turn data. So i just run it through a program i made.

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ooohhhhh :dizzy_face:
ok, then pls sort the players, we are full.
Will you ban someone?

I’ll ban Phillip II from Spain

Ban: none


aprox how many turns will we be able to do per day?

10.13 - but in practice … :open_hands:

Any chance I could not go last again? It hardly matters, as the play windows are widely ignored

Playing windows do work, I can assure you that I have played games where we didn’t care about the sort of the players and it takes around 1 to 2 days to be your turn again. Also I have played with ppl in this game and they really commit to take their turns.

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Well a player left the game in the last minute, lets wait for someone else to join and sort players again.

Play 1600-0400 GMT/UTC

ban Harald Norway