1 vs 1 (296ddcd8)

Smack talk goes here for 1 vs 1! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/296ddcd8-fe50-4259-aafa-6dec213f44a3

I’ll probably start this in an hour… any preference for civ? Otherwise I’ll put you down for random.

Random is fine. I responded to your original post but I don’t see it here. Very odd. I just hope the Civ 6 Gods smile on me when selecting my civ.

You seem to have gotten Barbarossa… I think that suits your wanton destruction of city states. :slight_smile:

Yes!!! +7 damage to city-states :wink:

Well, I think that would’ve been a much more fair game if I hadn’t put computer opponents in there. Getting double production liberation bonus off prince level AI city state conquerors isn’t too hard. :slight_smile: If I’d needed to fight you to get the bonuses, I think it would’ve been different. Good game, and thanks for sticking to the end!

It was a good game. You played the civ well, getting those production bonuses. I wish I could have lasted longer and let those Hansas kick in. But oh well.

I’m up for another one if you want. Hopefully I can put up more of a good show in the next one :slight_smile:

Sure! Perhaps you can set this one up? I’m not sure who I want to play… Random could be interesting, but I fear getting a dud civ. :slight_smile:

I created a new game. Small continents, standard speed, no mods, max 2 players. I’m going random. Good luck!


password is goodgame