WhatWeDo (936c5550)

In full retreat from camp denizens only 5 tiles removed from my city. No units at full strength. Few zombies or barbs not at full strength.
Whose idea was this? Oh dear…

And what the gods have given… Four scouts now wiped out by zombies. At least they got to see some of the world.

Roatan sounds fun. I think we are not thinking in terms of a holiday this year, but probably one or two weekends at a hotel in the yuk. Enjoy.

I don’t think I get another turn. Just Zombie fodder at this point.

Hope you don’t get eliminated. I’m actually doing ok over here. Got 1 warrior, 3 slingers, and about to get my first worker. Hope to push my borders out soon and maybe try to expand eventually.

Still here. @18 city health. One Archer, seems to be effective. Warrior healing. 4 nearby but only one that can attack over a river.

I think the zombies do 20 damage per attack on a city, at least that’s what they did to mine. But mine was not an attack over a river.

Archers already? I’m still stuck on slingers. Archers would be nice to push the barbs back so I can use my worker.

Odd… my zombies have just withdrawn - albeit unrepelled by my cowering wounded.
I must start taking showers.

Just got the archers. Babylon and all. I am thinking Babylon has an unfair tech advantage.

I can see that the one ai i have met is about to fall to the dark ones…

And yet it did not (still 15/200), with fresh zombies around it. Perhaps they are programmed to not actually take cities?

I read a post that said zombies don’t capture cities. They just beat it down to 0. But the barbs can come in and capture it.

I am starting to feel curiously isolated on my continent.
Only one civ and one city found so far.

Initially I though zombies and barbs all spawned out of a barb camp, but now perhaps zombies can appear from anywhere?

I thought zombies had a chance to spawn from a dead unit.

I have one from a dead barb. Now there are many again.

So they can spawn independently from barb camps, and randomly distributed.

They just pop up anytime they want.

Really not fond of this +10 respawn stuff…

Get more archers.

I just learned the hard way that zombies can raze cities. My 3rd city was just razed by a horde of the evil red undead. You have been warned.

LOL, not how you want to learn! It would be nice to understand their propagation rather than a horde of them just showing up.

I just had a self perpetuating horde around my capital.
I am pretty sure some of them spawned right next to the walls.
I have found 2 circles on my continent (not fully explored yet) so I guess they have wiped out at least two city tribes.