WhatWeDo (936c5550)

Smack talk goes here for WhatWeDo! Game URL: https://playyourdamnturn.com/game/936c5550-0aad-48ca-b1e2-9a684b3cba9a

Apologies, latest mistake was missing that new game definition was continents rather than pangaea.
Instead of another round, I went ahead with this.
But, happy to restart if wanted.

I had removed all other alternative dlc - except better balanced starts - testing what problem was first time round with the first game.
If you want this restarted, with pangaea and/or other optional dlcs let me know.
Alternatively, good luck all…

Continents is fine with me. Good luck all.

Good luck!

So, to be clear - as i missed it from latest game description.
We have :
Secret Societies,
shuffled tech order,
and no Venetian Arsenals

Sounds good. I’m guessing with zombies I will need a lot of units around to kill them off.

I hope you guys are building military units and not workers our settlers. I have 2 zombies right outside my border and they are stronger than my starting warriors. I foresee a defensive game for my civ for a while.

okay, thanks. so no grace period…

Now there are 3 zombies. Just read the description of zombies. We may be in for a rough ride…

I am trying running away with an undefended city. We will see…
(I should also try reading - i guess…)

Now it’s 5 zombies and a barbarian scout…which if I kill may turn into a zombie. Going to be slingers for a while, get archery boost, then archery. At least it’s not boring.

The Gods appear to have decreed that what I really need in this game is lots of scouts. I guess they can run away faster. Next turn my city will become undefended. Bring it on…

edit… that should have read ‘defended’.

Soooo, if we kill them, they come back stronger? If we die they become a zombie? ugh

Dan, no I don’t think if we kill a zombie it comes back stronger. I think if we kill a regular unit it has a chance to become a zombie. At least that’s how I read it but I may be wrong.

My capitol is 30/200 health but all the zombies that I can see are gone. If more show up it could get bad.

FYI. The vacation starts Thursday. I will play occasionally, probably from the beach bar keeping salt, sand, and Cerveza from my LT. Hopefully, the weather will be what Geoff calls normal.

You going back to Florida? Or coming to Hawaii on your vacation?

We don’t do Florida but would love to do Hawaii. We go to Roatan, Honduras bay island on the Mesoamerican reef. We can walk to the reef, great diving, and snorkeling.

Oh, I thought in one of your posts years ago you mentioned Florida. Enjoy Honduras, sounds like a good place to visit.

We have been but usually go to Roatan or NE beach area in the summer. Reasons for both but public forum…

Honduras is a hot wet mess but Roatan is great and isolated from most of the issues with Honduras. I hope they clean it up so we can do Copan and some other places before too long.