Two players (or more), one computer

Here are your options on how to support two or more players on a computer since the client does not accept multiple player client tokens (CT) currently.

  • Have a operating system (OS) login for each person so you can set your own CT. This is the best option. As I only know for windows, you can switch users without logging out the main user login. (This is the best option)

  • Use the one OS login but swap the CT in the client each time you want to play.

  • Someone uses the website to down/upload their turns using the web browser by visiting “Your games” logged in to the website as yourself. Sometimes helped by using a alternate browser for each person so you can stay logged in to the website.

  • When you get an email that it is your turn, there is a link to the game page where you can down/upload your turn. Recommend checking for any unplayed turns using the webbrowser as mentioned above.