Trewqh's 5.5th game! (5cdb96c3)

Smack talk goes here for trewqh’s 5.5th game!! Game URL:

I don’t think you can be stopped from here. Congratulations! I didn’t think either of us would get through those two choke points.

Thanks! Also, I got Double Victory this last turn :slight_smile:
This was a cool one, at first I thought I was developing faster than you, then you took my city, then I was also thinking it was a standstill, but I just kept shooting at the forested Axeman, getting XP, until I thought I might be able to take him out in one turn with levelled up Archers plus and Axeman of my own. So, I kept shooting :slight_smile:

Didn’t know how else to finish the game, so I clicked to continue the game, finished my turn and saved.