Strict 24-7 v4.0 (b1e13cdf)

Smack talk goes here for Strict 24-7 v4.0 ! Game URL:

We’re a bunch of game devs who have been running successful PYDT games for well over a year now. We’ve hit upon a formula to ensure compelling games with a strict 24-7 rule. We have a core of 5 players but would like to open the games up to more similar minded players. All welcome. Just stick to the rules and try to be nice and active. We have a discord channel you can join which we use quite a lot for game chat. Once we get this game started we’ll start two more for both expansions.

This game is: base game plus free aztecs plus free Yet (not) Another Maps Pack mod which you can get from Steam Workshop.

Reply here if you want to join and I will send you the password.

Is there any chance you guys want to play Gathering Storm?

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We will start a GS game later. I can only start one game at a time. When this one kicks off I’ll create another two more for the expansions.

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OK thanks!

I’m happy with these rules! I do turns pretty quick. I’ll join a game when you make it for GS

@temp if you are looking for another game then @ mention me in Discord and I’ll invite you to a group that’s organising more games

OK, I need to join discord then…

Will do, Zamalekite!